A.I. by Prof. Michael Bartz

It is coming. A.I. – Artificial Intelligence. Someday. But it is coming. We all agree on that. But we are mistaken: it is already here.


Quick sanity check: How does civilized life look like in Europe, North Amerika and Asia? It is permeated by A.I..Do you use Spotify? Do you ever wonder, that the recommendations from Spotify improve over time and better fit your musical taste? Yes. Right. This is A.I.. That is the boolean extension of our synapses into Spotify. This is still very basic A.I..But what is A.I. with which interact– whenever we listen to music over Spotify. In dem Moment bilden sich neue Nervenstränge in der Spotify A.I. aus. Every musical piece, that we listen to helps the system to remember our preferences and to learn, what we could additionally like.

A single case? No. Shopping via Amazon? Exactly the same A.I. effect – even more fragmented. Amazon also contains the electronic extension of our synapses. This is why the shopping environment in Amazon gets more attractive time and again. There is this virtual shopping tunnel, that is built around uns, which narrows our view, but we do not register that, because the walls of this tunnel are plastered with highy attractive productofferings.

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About Prof. Michael Bartz

Michael Bartz is a Professor at the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems and a business consultant for topics such as  the „The Future of Work“ and „Productivity“. Michael has over 16  years of experience in international industry- and management positions like Microsoft, Philips, Capgemini.

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