Talk to Klaudia Bachinger – WisR

An Interview with Klaudia Bachinger, co-founder and CEO of the Vienne start-up WisR,, about the FUTURE OF WORK.

The vision of WisR is to connect motivated retired senior talents with companies that want to use flexible, experienced professionals for consulting, project or part-time work.

Our team works towards a world where generations learn from each other, ageing is seen as gaining valuable experience and the desire to work can be maintained beyond retirement age. In the spirit of New Work, we see inclusion of the 59+ generations as a key driver in coping with demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers”, says Klaudia.

The trend of the Silver Society can be observed around the globe: We are getting older and staying healthier. In 2050, 195 million people in Europe alone will be over 65. Demographic change is a development that companies can use to their competitive advantage: As life expectancy increases, more and more people are deciding to work longer and thus beyond retirement age. These experienced experts are worth their weight in gold for companies. Relying on senior talents helps them to prevent the worsening shortage of skilled workers; on the other hand, they can close short-term personnel and knowledge gaps with the flexible deployment of experienced silver agers – and use them for project work, part-time work, maternity leave replacements or mentoring, for example.

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