Presentation of the Future of Work Project

Bene presented the first excerpts from this research project in its Vienna flagship store’s IDEA LAB as part of a series of expert talks organised in cooperation with Darwin’s Circle. Prof. (FH) Michael Bartz, Department of Business at the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, moderated a discussion with Petra Hauser, CEO Exponential Business Hub and head of the Vienna Chapter of the Singularity University, and Lars Gaede, workawesome, Berlin. The conversation among these impressive discussants centred around the trends that are expected to revolutionise our working environments, trends that were summarised at the beginning of the session by Michael Fried, Executive Board member responsible for Sales, Marketing and Innovation. These include digitalisation, leadership, new forms of cooperative work and new job content. It became clear that there are many highly differentiated aspects that will alter working environments in a lasting way.

“The Future Report does not seek to provide a conclusive answer to these questions in thinking about the future. It offers instead a collection of relevant perspectives from international experts with which every company – regardless of size – will have to seriously engage if it hopes to remain successful in its respective markets,” says Michael Fried, who continues: “Bene has consistently been an early recogniser of trends and, thanks to the emphasis on innovation, has regularly remained one step ahead of its competitors in developing its new products. Based on the research we have undertaken, we are already hard at work on the concepts and products that will be in demand in the working environments of tomorrow.”

Photos by Andrea Hirsch

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